Your Inner Season is the …

Wild WeavEr

Hey Wild Weaver!

I have a few words for you

Your Aligned Frequency

When you embody the Wild Weaver, you are a brilliant strategist, creating the plans and physical support systems to birth an idea or concept in this reality. 

This is the season of autumn and represented by the element of earth.

You have the discipline and perseverance to follow through with that strategy and execute it flawlessly to create something tangible.

Your focus in the energy of the Wild Weaver archetype is on executing with precision and focus the strategy you set forth. 

This is a time when completing highly detailed tasks, doing meticulous work, and bringing projects to completion will be at the forefront of your mind.

Embody the Frequency of the

wild WeavEr

The inner season of fall comes bearing gifts:
  • Tech-related tasks are hot on your superpower list. Upload and share video replays, schedule your social media, publish a blog post, share a podcast … all will feel easy peasy with a few clicks of a button.
  • Software magically seems to want to play nice with you. When things are this good, you know to take advantage and complete any updates to your funnel pages, integrate your funnel software and conduct any testing required to ensure everything works as intended.
  • You are a detail ninja. Nothing escapes your extra sharp mind. Analyzing data, auditing tasks, copywriting edit tasks, or testing workflows will actually feel like you did hours of work at a record pace.
  • You are an organizing whiz when conducting team meetings. You have a pulse of all that needs to happen to bring projects to completion. You measure the progress, set new goals, and assign action items to bring projects to completion like a boss.
  • You have the ability to zoom out and have a bird’s eye view of every system in your business ecosystem. You use this all encompassing knowledge to create and update detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) for various business processes … and update the business strategies as needed.
  • You have an inner knowing of the unique timing and rhythm of each project. You are able to give yourself full permission to either complete any outstanding tasks (and CELEBRATE) or let them go (and also CELEBRATE!).


Word Inspiration

  • Focused
  • Discipline
  • Creation
  • Implementation
  • Celebration
  • Wisdom
  • Strategy
  • Completion
  • Serenity
  • Follow through
  • Self-Trust
  • Patience

Your Shadow Frequency

When you are in the energy of the Wild Weaver, you may at times dip into your shadow frequency.

  • Instead of taking the time to reflect on your progress, you rush through tasks and projects without fully following your brilliant strategy.
  • You rely on facts instead of your wisdom. Looking outside yourself for confirmation on the strategy to pursue (not trusting your own intuition, instinct, and expertise.
  • Double checks your every step for fear of missing something yet progressing forward very slowly.
  • You push yourself to take on new projects and responsibilities without taking the time to finish old ones.
  • You may hold onto projects or commitments that have lost their relevance or no longer align with your goals and values.
  • You hold onto projects or tasks that have reached their natural completion point.
  • When you don’t bring projects to completion, gather the wisdom from your experiences, integrate the lessons learned, you cannot prepare yourself for the next phase of growth.

Shadow Vibes

Analysis paralysis
Fear of moving forward


Tune into the season of harvest, reflection, and release.

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