The collective exhaustion: A hidden aspect of summer

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Summer does not mean for us to operate on high energy and it certainly is not an invitation to keep up with the go-go-go mode we sometimes find ourselves in.

☀️ It’s asking for a pause.

☀️ It’s demanding for you to look through the eyes of your Soul and see beauty in the everyday.

☀️ It’s asking for deep replenishment.

✔️If you’ve been feeling tired, but can’t come up with a reason why.
✔️Or feeling like this time you are ready to burn it all down and start from scratch.
✔️Or can’t help the nagging feeling that you need to escape something …

… then my words in this podcast are for you.

Join me in Substack where we will go on an inner journey to explore the superpowers of how you use your inner season of summer and the element of fire to create in all areas of life. 



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