Rooted Rhythms

A free curated newsletter and monthly Substack membership inspired by the season to explore your descent, your underworld, your rise, and your embodiment in the wheel of creation and destruction.

The Rooted Rhythms Community

Through community, rituals, sharing circles, and ceremony grounded in seasonal living, we offer a safe space for dreamers to rest, retreat, and reconnect with their creative rhythm.

Inside The Rooted Rhythms you’ll:

▷ Use the wisdom of the seasons as they move in the cycle of creation and destruction, and be inspired to follow your own creativity and energy as you rise, embody, descend, and explore your underworld.

▷ Create your supportive systems and structures that honour your energy levels and your body, allowing you to leverage the strength of each creative stage you might be in.

▷ Cultivate a decision-making process grounded in authenticity, integrity, and purpose free of the many lenses of your conditioning.

▷ Create in alignment with your current energy capacity, no matter where you are in your cycle of introspection, creativity, expansion, and harvest.

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Equipped with a framework to orient yourself in your inner world you will become the architects of your own destiny, anchored in the wisdom of your true self.

Current Seasonal Explorations

Winter Immersion Santuary

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• Here’s what happening Winter 2024 •

The focus will be on expanding our capacity to be comfortable and nourished while walking in the underworld. To love the lovable and unlovable. To dream in the chaos of the stars where nothing is certain and everything feels undone.

Throughout the winter season, you’ll receive activities, exercises, meditations, and goodies with explorations into the winter season.

Here is a sneak peek of the explorations to come:

  • Understanding the underworld and situate yourself in the wheel of creation and destruction.
  • Refine how you sense information from the unseen realms
  • A framework for working with your shadow
  • Loosen your mental constructs around your current identity
  • Deep listening to your body need for nurture and deep rest.
  • Explore what ways of being no longer serve
  • Mystic listening for what desires to be birthed in the coming year.


• The Underworld •
• Water Element •
• Explore •
• Soul •
• Rhythm Keeper •
• Winter •


Winter is my birth season and my most cherished time of the year.

As we enter the winter immersion sanctuary, I am feeling into the pull of introspection. Of walking in the realm of my inner world alone, yet alongside others.

For this reason, this seasonal immersion will call for activities without group gatherings.

You’ll begin to understand your energy capacities, your gifts, and your shadows. More importantly, you’ll start to notice how to shift your work, your projects, and your self-tending to be more aligned with what your body and energy capacity needs.

Next Seasonal Explorations

Spring Immersion Sanctuary

• Here’s what happening right now •

Inside Rooted Rhythms we are exploring the season of autumn represented by the archetype of the Wild Weaver.

In the seasonal wheel of creation and destruction, we are in the phase of our descent into the underworld.

We are loosening our mental grip on our identities so that when we enter the underworld in the winter, we can see our truest selves.


• The Descent •
• Earth Element •
• Release •
• Emotions •
• Wild Weaver •
• Autumn •

Circles & Replays

▷ Watch the Solstice Ceremony to activate and embody the season of autumn

▷ Meditation: Exploring your productivity, planning, and energy capacities with the gifts and superpowers of the Wild Weaver.

▷ November Circle: Your Relationship to Endings

▷ December Circle: Amplifying Celebrations, Deep Listening to Wisdom, Entering in the Dreaming

Rooted Rhythms


Rooted Rhythms welcomes those who yearn to break free from the chaotic pace of modern life and embark on a slower, more intentional path.

You will benefit the most from this intimate experience if you are a:

Devoted Parent. Doing your inner work to pave the way for a better future for our children and our children’s children.

Conscious business owner. You desire to be in deep service to the human collective and have a deep impact on human consciousness. You do your inner work so that you can show up and radiate your magic and medicine.

Spiritual Explorer or Wellness Enthusiast. You desire to connect with your inner world and understand your magic, essence and what self-tending means for you. You are a health-conscious individual who prioritizes self-care and seeks to understand how to care for your body to create optimal well-being and vitality.

Career Alchemist. You are seeking greater fulfillment in your work and desire to align your professional path with your inner rhythm and purpose.


Hi! It’s AJ Here!

Energy coach, circle facilitator, and holistic nutritionist.

As a recovering people pleaser I am exploring how to let go of the modern fast-paced chaos and embodying honouring my energy capacities and my inner rhythms.

Rooted Rhythms is where I slow down to pause, reflect, shed, and adjust based on new wisdom that flows through from my guided energy journeys and meditations.

I deeply desire to create a space where we can pause to remove the lenses that obscure our vision from who we truly are. Remove our masks. Shed identities that no longer serve.

A space where you can return to yourself and remember who you were before the world told you who to be.

Rooted Rhythms is a space where your dreams find their sacred home … because you’ll finally have a safe space to navigate the chaos of the stars and dream them into being.




The Sanctum is a free offering to receive my newsletter, rituals, and seasonal living inspiration.

There is a fee to attend monthly circles and seasonal ceremonies on Solstices and Equinoxes along with other seasonally inspired retreats and workshops.

And there is different tier should you wish to work with me one-on-one in life coaching and energy coaching capacity.

There is a free option along with accessible price points for all to enjoy.

Rooted Rhythms is an ongoing monthly membership based on the wisdom of the seasons.

Every three months, there will be activities planned that will be unique to each season.

For the list of upcoming activities, join Rooted Rhythms for free to get an idea of what is all about. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

Yes! If you cannot make it live to the circles, workshops, gatherings, or retreat, there will be a replay available.