Your Inner Season is the …

RhYtHm KeEper

Hey Rhythm Keeper!

I have a few words for you

Your Aligned Frequency

In this inner season, you have an understanding of what is beneath the surface and tend to speak in feelings, insights, and frequency.  Be comforted that the precision of words and actions will come later. First, you must allow yourself to be immersed in the knowledge that comes from within.

It is represented by the season of winter and the element of water.

This is a season of rest, introspection, and inner work. It is a time for self-care, reflection, and nurturing your inner world. It allows you to recharge, reset, and find your next desire you wish to bring forth in your next cycle of growth.

Embody the Archetype

Rhythm Keeper

• Your Superpowers •
The inner season of winter comes bearing gifts:
  • You can tune into the vision for what is next in your business with ease.
  • You are compelled to tweak your business strategy and make any pivots in your business so it reflects the new you.
  • Love vision boarding and crafting beautiful graphics inside Canva.
  • You are able to go meta and write copy for your emails, sales mechanisms, and socials with the flavour of your big visions and shares about the movement you desire to see in the world.
  • You can intuitively sense into the experience you desire your clients to have when entering your business ecosystem and can outline the journey they will take.
  • Workshops, offerings, and ideas you desire to create will pop up as sparks of inspiration the more you focus on your introspection, nourishing self-care, and, listening to your inner knowing.
  • Inner journeys and data alike speak to you. You have the gift of analyzing business data, market research, and metrics to layer the story the numbers offer with what you are intuitively feeling into and make informed decisions.
  • You can pause and let go of the need to figure it out and let yourself be replenished by taking an online course, attending a webinar, or participating in workshops, circles and retreats!


Word Inspiration

  • Mystic
  • Intuitive
  • Flow
  • Rest
  • Nourishing
  • Self-Care
  • Heart
  • Depth
  • Connection

Your Shadow Frequency

When you are in the energy of the Rhythm Keeper, you may at times dip into your shadow frequency.

  • You maintain a fast-paced and demanding work schedule throughout the year.
  • You push yourself to take on multiple projects and constantly strive for high levels of productivity, even when your energy reserves are depleted.
  • You struggle to maintain the same level of productivity and focus you had before, leading to frustration and a sense of feeling there is something wrong with you.
  • Unable to recharge your energy properly even though you think you make time for rest (social scrolling doesn’t count as a replenishing activity)
  • This relentless go-go-go mode disregards your body’s natural rhythms and leads to diminishing returns, both in terms of your overall well-being and the quality of your work.

Shadow Vibes

Going Upstream
People pleasing
Nothing is working

Visual Inspo

Tune into the season of rest, introspection, and inner work.

• CONNECT with me •


My name is AJ.

Energy coach, circle facilitator, and holistic nutritionist.

I’m a mom to two school aged boys who walks alongside devoted parents, entrepreneurs, career alchemists, coaches, healers, wellness enthusiasts, and those in the spiritual community to help anchor the practice of tending to our cyclic energy capacities, understand our inner rhythms, and implement the life systems we need to design a life we love.

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