Meditation: Your Relationship to Endings πŸ‚

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In the fall, there is a natural pull toward the cycle of completion. An urge to finish projects. To let go of old ways of being. And to bring to an end what has been started so that we may be free to complete our descent into the underworld of winter where we can be free from looming responsibilities.

There is no better way to enter the underworld than the utter freedom to rest and dream what wants to be birthed next!

In the Earth Rhythm Quiz, this is the archetype of the Wild Weaver.

This journey is about exploring the tension we have with endings.

  • What are your energy levels doing in the last 10% of a project being completed?
  • What support systems do you need to bring things to an end you never realized was necessary?
  • Are you scared to finish something because you are not sure what’s next?
  • Are you able to let go of a way of being/a pattern/a habit that no longer serves?

We each have a story, a tension around how our energy system handles endings.

I invite you to get cozy and watch or listen on your favourite device the guided inner journey on Substack.

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