Meditation: Exploring your productivity, planning, and energy capacities

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Can you find a tether to your vision where you can work in your calmness and precision even amongst the chaos of competing priorities and looming deadlines?

Get comfortable and join me in this guided meditation exploring the inner landscape of your energy system and how we can harness the gifts of the season of autumn to regulate our productivity to a pace that feels good and doable.

In the Earth Rhythm Quiz, this is the archetype of the Wild Weaver.

This journey is about observing how we currently engage with this inner rhythm of autumn.

  • What do you do well?
  • What does it feel like when you are in flow and completing projects when you are embodying the positive aspect of this inner rhythm?
  • When itโ€™s time to get things done, how do you react?
  • Are you invigorated to move through the tasks that need to get done or are you procrastinating because you donโ€™t feel an ounce of energy to put towards your project?

How do you express your joy, passion, and enthusiasm in order to gather your resources and create?

I invite you to get cozy and watch or listen on your favourite device the guided inner journey on Substack.

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