Late Summer Earth Rhythms and Cycles


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Late summer is that sweet spot in the year when we see the fruits of our labour in full bloom and part of us is relieved we’ve done it!

If you’ve taken the Earth Rhythm Archetype Quiz, the archetype guiding the summer season is the Cosmic Magician.

✨ Energetic Theme

When looking at the plant kingdom, this is a time when the first harvest is in full swing.

To get to this point a lot of work and tending of your work, projects, and relationships has been done and a lot of your energy has been spent. It’s a space where you might be feeling like you need a break from ordinary life as your energetics need to be replenished.

Take this moment in time to slow down and replenish before the business of the fall harvest will demand more of your energy. You don’t want to enter into September tired and burn out by October.

You’ll need to explore how can the energy of commitment and responsibility not feel constricting but instead allows you to feel alive and free.

💪 Strengths + Superpowers

Natural passionate communication
Emanates joie-de-vivre
Connected to the movement you want to see in the world
High energy to get things accomplished
Cultivates and is replenished by beauty

🌑 Shadow

Desires to escape the responsibilities of daily life
Longing to be free
Feeling unfulfilled
Procrastination on the things that matter
Cannot stand to feel caged and trapped by either circumstance or people

🎡 Bucket List

Beach trips
Harvesting herbs and veggies from your garden
Preserving your harvests
Go berry or apple picking
Roasting marshmallows over a bonfire (honour any fire bans in your area)
Make homemade bruschetta

🧘‍♀️ Self-Tending Practice

Enjoy a seasonal tea blend (may I recommend spearmint and cacao nibs!)
Create your summer playlist (or listen to the one I curated for you here)
Turn off social media once in a while
Read a book
Make homemade ice cream
Go outside and watch the sunrise
Make a homemade luscious body scrub

By no means this is an exhaustive list of how you can replenish your well.

I’m curious … what self-tending practices you’ll add during the late summer season? Tell me in the comments 👇

Sharing With Friends!

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