Exploring the Shadows of Summer Archetype

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We live in a world where we need to become more comfortable holding both ends of a polarity.

We explore the gifts of the inner season of summer and the element of fire in this post. But every gift frequency also has on the other side of its spectrum its shadow expression. And at any given moment you live somewhere on that spectrum, in constant motion between both polarities.

The wise thing to do is to slow down and begin to notice where you are on the spectrum and what you need to express the gift and superpowers of any given frequency, archetype, gift, etc.

This inner journey is an invitation for you to explore how your inner season of summer and the element of fire 🔥 present itself when in its shadow expression.

  • How are you having trouble getting going on a task?
  • How are you holding yourself back instead of giving it your all … how are you staying in your comfort zone?
  • How are you procrastinating because you have no fuel left in the tank?
  • What are your blindspots, about what you need to do to self-tend in order for you to show up fully?
  • What are you feeling …
    • unfulfilled?
    • desiring to escape “work”?
    • unfocused or daydreaming?
  • How can you find the sweet spot in nurturing projects vs. nurturing yourself?
  • How can the energy of commitment and responsibility feel pleasurable?

I invite you to get cozy and watch or listen on your favourite device the guided inner journey on Substack.


During the summer, we are in our exploration of the Cosmic Magician archetype in your creation cycle. If you don’t know your archetype, take the Earth Rhythm Quiz!

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If you feel called to share, I would love to read your words about what wisdom, lessons, and learnings came through. Share in the comments below.

Sharing With Friends!

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