Your Inner Season is the …

CElestiaL DREAmer

Hey Celestial Dreamer!

I have a few words for you

Your Aligned Frequency

When you are embodying the Celestial Dreamer, you have the ability to take the wider frequency and feel it condense into more actionable inspirations.  There comes a point in the creation process where something clicks and you simply know the direction you need to take to bring it to life.

This is the season of spring and represented by the element of air.

Your focus is to gather your thoughts and organize, them into ideas you can easily communicate to others in a way that is precise and cohesive. 

Writing tasks or planning tasks will serve you well in this season.

Embody the Archetype of the

celestial dreamer

The inner season of spring comes bearing gifts:
  • Planning mode is fully online. You are superb at creating detailed project plans and timelines for upcoming initiatives, breaking down tasks and milestones into actionable steps, and actually adding them to your task management system.
  • You have the ability to develop meaningful content strategies, outlining topics and themes for your blog, podcast, or social media channels that are meaningful and supportive to the client experience you desire to create.
  • You are a copywriting ninja, even if you dread writing! The flavour of your writing will be on creating a copy that is logic driven and practical in nature. Writing social posts, newsletters, sales copy, presentations, and outlining workshops will flow easefully.
  • You have the ability to discern the precise systems, back-end processes, project management tools, and task-tracking methods required to optimize your productivity and that of your team.
  • Communication is online with this archetype and great for recording videos for your offerings, socials, and even video podcasts.


Word Inspiration

  • Frequency weaver
  • Intentionality
  • Planner
  • Inner voyager
  • Celestial Translator
  • Visionary
  • Daydream
  • Enchanting
  • Contemplation
  • Illuminate

Your Shadow Frequency

When you are in the energy of the Celestial Dreamer, you may at times dip into your shadow frequency.

  • Maintain a rigid routine and stick to familiar patterns, resisting any changes.
  • You continue with outdated strategies, resisting innovation and miss out on potential breakthroughs.
  • You seem to repeat the same patterns and face the same challenges without finding new solutions.
  • You are in a state where there is a lack of momentum and fresh perspectives coming forward.
  • are stifling your creativity and innovative spirit by sticking to the β€œoutdated” old.

Shadow Vibes

Future thinking
Chaotic Mind
Stuck in old ways of doing things
Need of recognition
Critical MIND
Mistrust in Self
Strategies without Soul


Tune into the season of new beginnings, growth, and creativity.

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