Autumn Earth Rhythms and Cycles


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The return of warm beverages. ☕
The crisp wind cooling the warm surface of your skin. 🤸
Air that feels fresher 🌬️.
Schedule changes and the entice you to plan your calendar for the fall months 🗓️.
Ah yes, Autymn has landed! 🌾

If you’ve taken the Earth Rhythm Archetype Quiz, the archetype guiding the autumn season is the Wild Weaver.

✨ Energetic Theme

There is no other month of the year where I feel the presence of the astrological sign of that month so powerfully. ♍ Virgo season starts August 23 and ends September 22nd and I feel set such a beautiful place for the rest of autumn.

With Virgo’s attention to detail and a desire to reset, September really does take on the feels of a “new year”!

We might feel it most intensely as the pull to plan for what is to come ahead.

Yet the invitation is always the same.

Don’t “plan” for the sake of planning. Don’t “do” for the sake of doing.

Before you set pen to paper (or fingers on keyboard) to pencil in your new strategy, take some time to:
👉 Redefine your boundaries for a project (What needs to change in the way I am approaching this project that will make me feel more spacious as I navigate its completion?)
👉 Plan your self-tending time just as fiercely as you plan your work day and to-do’s to keep your household running.

But first, ask yourself what exactly what does replenishing your wells even feels like in during the autumn months 🤔?

Read on, divine architect, because I’ve got some inspiration for you.

🌳 Nature Lessons (Embodied practice)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Earth’s rhythms, is that our self-tending is highly connected to what’s going on outside around us.

Looking at what’s happening in nature in the location you live in, is a practice in cultivating presence. Depending on where you live, Mother Nature has her own lessons and insights to offer you.

What’s the weather generally like? Is it rainy season? Still feeling like summer? Or perhaps you’re headed into spring? Most importantly, how’s your body reacting to what’s happening outside in nature?

What are the plants doing? Are they ready for harvest? Do they need pruning? Are they beginning a second harvest? They too respond to the weather patterns in their environment and offer great insights in what behaviour can be nourishing for us human in this moment in time.

As you contemplate your self-tending practices for the month ahead, take a moment and be with nature and then with your body to see what inspiration comes forward.

A watercolour image titled "Autumn Self-Tending"  with 6 autumn activities for self-care.  Bring plants indoors, enjoy a cozy tea, read a good book, plan the months ahead, stargaze and make time for journaling.

🧘‍♀️ September Self-Tending

While the activities that re-fuel our energies may be relatively the same, each month and each season adds its own flavour.

For example reading a book is like a nourishing balm to your Soul. In the summer, perhaps you read sitting on your porch with your legs extended onto another chair in front of you, in the shade with a strawberry lemonade within arm’s reach.

In the fall, what makes reading feel extra juicy is when you put on some stretchy jeans and an oversized sweater, and curl up with a blanket on your sofa with a chai latte nearby.

Same activity, but the physical space is more intentional to align with the weather and your body’s needs depending on the time of the year.

For inspiration, here are what some soul-nourishing ideas can look like in September:

  • Taking a break by bringing some plants indoors for the cooler month (or tending to a fall garden)
  • Feeling supported by planing the months ahead
  • Reading a good book
  • Slowing down and make time for journaling in silence
  • Stargaze
  • Enjoy a cozy tea ritual
A watercolour image titled :Autumn Mood" with 9 autumn activities.  Cozy blankets, back to school, london fog, warm pies, autumn reads, garden harvest, medicine making, sweater weather, an drying herbs.

🌾 September Mood

  1. Snuggling with cozy blankets
  2. Baking warm pies (think apple or pear)
  3. Back to School
  4. Harvest from your garden
  5. Dry herbs
  6. Bring out your warm sweaters
  7. Make medicine for the winter months ahead
This is a watercolour illustration of a glass of London fog beverage with it's ingredients listen on the side, black tea, vanilla, and bergamot.

☕ Tea of the Season

London Fog. A black tea infused with bergamot oil and vanilla.

✨ Journaling Questions

Some things to contemplate during the autumn months:

  1. What needs to change in the way I am approaching this project that will make me feel more spacious as I navigate its completion?
  2. What boundaries do I need to communicate to others that will feel supportive?
  3. How is your body reacting to what’s happening outside in nature?
  4. What does replenishing my wells even feel like during this time?
  5. Where can I block off pockets of time for self-tending activities in my calendar?
  6. What is one seasonal recipe I can try in the kitchen?
  7. Is there an herb or plant that I feel more drawn to lately?

What self-tending practices have you landed on? Tell me in the comments 👇

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