Activating the Wild Weaver Archetype: Autumn Equinox Meditation

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We’re about to go on a guided meditation or journey to welcome the season of autumn, working with the Wild Weaver archetype, the element of earth, and really beginning to understand what it means to be embodied and present and work with what is happening right now in our system, outside and inside. 

It’s time for the debrief
It’s a time of completion.
It’s a time for celebration.
It’s a time of release. 
It’s the time of descent into the underworld

My prayer is that as we move into autumn … into the next three months … you continue to look through the lens of this debrief, that you continue to activate your sovereign self, your sacred witness, and be able to look at situations that are happening in your day-to-day life and decide what are you taking forward and what are you leaving behind.

Happy autumn, and may you truly enjoy all the gifts this season has to offer.



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